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The program was introduced in 2005 in Ventura, California as zultZclub, Mentor Led Fitness. The name was changed to Righturn.Club in 2015. The concept of Mentor Led Fitness is how Thomas lost weight and got fit with the help of mentors. He took what he learned and founded a program to help kids. 

While he was Creative Director at Citrix Online, and also led community outreach.  The company was a sponsor of the Santa Barbara Triathlon. He saw men and women his own age swimming 1 mile, then biking 34 miles and then running 10 miles. He told the race director Joe Coito, "I'll be back next year, and I won't be sitting behind a table." So he started a triathlon club at work as an overweight person, and started swimming at lunch, running after work and biking on Saturday. He dropped 70 lbs. from 234 to 164lbs. and has kept the weigt off all these 10 years. He has completed 6 triathlons, numerous 10K's, several century rides and 4 AIDS LifeCycle rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a bike. 

‚ÄčThomas Moraitis, Founder

The world is filled with overweight people that need our help. Your community has students that are cutting their life and abilities short because they can't control their appetites, and get tired quickly on the playgroud.

Your local Kiwanis Club can help you set a local club up at an elementary school near you.

Leaders Needed.

Thomas Moraitis has a 20 minute presentation about Righturn.Club and is happy to bring it to your organization or school. Contact Thomas to schedule a date/time.