On this page you will find information on becoming a Mentor. Also, Mentor Training Materials, Application Form and other resources.

Becoming a Mentor

​You will be leading a small group of 3-5 kids at a local school, after school twice a week for 10 weeks at a time. It is quite a comittment. Do you have the time? You don't have to be in shape, but you do have to have a heart to help kids, and be willing to run/walk with them as they begin a journey to better health and fitness.

You will need to fill out an application, go thru an interview with the local leader and be fingerprinted, where a police check is also made.

We want to be sure the kids are safe at all times. No mentor is ever allowed to be alone with any one child. 

Mentor Training Materials

You will also be required to attend a Mentor Training Session, either online or in person. There you will learn how to use the meeting plans and lead your team. 

Fill out the Mentor Application. The Righturn.Club Leader will get back to you to schedule an interview.